【Photo contest】 Call for entries for the 31th Inzai Furusato Discovery Photo Contest

    Recruitment of entries for Inzai Furusato Discovery Photo Contest.

    This is the 31th photo contest of the Inzai City Tourism Association.

    Let’s rediscover Inzai, the hometown where many folk performing arts and cultural assets remain, such as the beautiful seasonal lion dances and kagura of the Tone River and Lake Teganuma.

    Please make a photo of your hometown and apply. If you don’t carry a camera with you, why don’t you take this opportunity to walk around the city and take pictures?

    We are waiting for a large number of exhibitions from everyone inside and outside the city.

    Application rules are as follows.

    Work theme
    The theme does not matter. We are looking for works that bring out the charm of Inzai City, such as the existing tourism resources, traditions, and performing arts culture of Inzai City.
    Work size
    Black-and-white or color print and quartet single photo only (Wide quartet is O.K. The digital camera can A 4 print.
    Qualification requirements
    There are no particular restrictions.
    Application deadline
    Postmark is valid on Monday, January 31st, 2022
    Application method
    Please fill in the shooting data(Camera type, lens, film, aperture, shutter speed, other specification filters, etc) with the title shooting location, shooting date, address, name, and phone number on the application form, attach it to the back of the work, and mail it or bring it to the following.
    Result announcement
    Winners will be notified.
    It shall be entrusted by the organizer.
    Detailed rules
    • An unpublished work taken in the city within a year.(You can apply for up to 2 items per person.)
      ※It is not possible to take a picture of Inzai City from outside the city.
    • The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the organizer.
    • In addition to exhibiting the prize-winning works at the Inzai City Tourism Information Center, they may be used for the Inzai City Tourism Association and city publications. For the winning works, in the case of a digital camera, you will be required to submit a SD card or compact disk containing the data, an original plate such as a service print negative and a service print.(Please do it yourself and submit it.)
    • If the subject contains a person, the consent of the person is required.
    • ※Please note that the submitted work will not be returned.
    After the award, a supplementary prize will be given.
    Gift certificates:Furusato Grand Prize 30,000yen×1, Outstanding performance award 10,000 yen×3, Honorable mention 5000 yen×8
    Awards ceremony
    Place date undecided
    Reception desk
    Inzai City Tourist Information Center0476-45-5300
    (3-2 Chuokita Inzai-city Chiba,Japan AEON MALL Chiba new town 2F)
    Sponsored・Contact Us
    NPO corporation
    Inzai City Tourism Association
    (Monday・Wednesday ・Friday 9am-4pm)

    Download the application form